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How to choose a hairstyle

Before you give preference to a particular hairstyle, pay special attention to the shape of your face. Today’s make-up artists and hairdressers are four types of facial contours: the shape is round, triangular, square and oval. Each type is determined depending on the jawline, cheekbones, hairline, forehead width, etc. And only after you have determined the type of your face, you can proceed to the choice of hairstyles. Usual, master in SPA or Hair Salon can advice you the best style of haircut to you. Go to and check it in real time. If you selected a new hairstyle is not suited to the type of your face, disadvantages become more vivid and dignity disappear under the extra strands of hair.

Now that you understand how important the shape of the face to create a new image. Let us consider each type of person separately.

How to choose a hairstyle to the type of person

1. The oval face. This type does not have sharp lines, but the line of cheekbones almost always visible. The most versatile “light” type. For the oval face is suitable for almost any length of hair and hairstyle. If your face belongs to this type – you can safely experiment with the length and shape hairstyles, hairstyles change geometric lines, try to “walk” with a bang. Even if you are the owner of curly or wavy hair, so it is not necessary afraid to try new options.

2. round face. This type of person is characterized by the same length and width. For it is best suited with haircut medium length hair. should pay particular attention to the stepped haircut. Regarding bangs, here it is best to do without active experiments. The best option – a light, not thick bangs with a simple geometry. At the same time the bangs should not be perfectly straight. If your face belongs to this type, you should refrain from small curls and perms.

3. The triangular shape of the face. It is characterized by a broad forehead portion in comparison with the chin line. For the owners of this type of person with soft rounded lines are ideal lush haircuts and hairstyles “fringe.” Conversely, if the inherent features of your face a little angularity and clean lines. That give preference haircuts with a clear geometry.

4. A square face shape. Such a person has a strong bone structure. One can clearly see the jawline, cheekbones, forehead. The most excellent option is – structural haircut with cascades and “ladder” so-called. Try to create a new hairstyle with a plurality of wavy strands of different lengths. It is recommended to abandon the strict parting, very long, straight hair. Also, do not need to cut out a flat, straight bangs. In this case, it is necessary to follow the principle of “as little as possible of geometry.” Slightly long face will look harmonious, if there will be unobtrusive bangs (or shortened “on the bias”). Thanks to her, the person visually reduced by several centimeters. If you are the owner of this type of person, be careful with high evening hairstyle and everyday hair “ponytail”.

With the type of person we are little understood. The second important point that must be considered when choosing a hairstyle, this hair structure.

You are free to define the structure of your hair. This will require just a hair. Take it at both ends and pull in different directions. Hair sooner or later will break. And now analyze. If the hair broke almost immediately, so your hair is “thin”. If the rupture of hair took a little more effort and time, the hair is related to the average type. Well, if the hair torn with difficulty, your hair are “thickened” type.

How to choose a hairstyle, taking into account the type of hair

1. Thin hair. Such hair can not stand too long. Hair should be is not in “one mass” and the section on the strands. Thus, you will achieve visual increasing the volume of hair. For curly and wavy hair is fine a short haircut or hairstyle model with medium length hair.

2. Medium hair. On the hair with an average type will look great almost any hairstyle. You can experiment with a “ragged” ends with layered hairstyles cascades.

3. Thick hair. Of course, the nature of such hair got gorgeous volume and shine. However, they are quite difficult to style and variety of irons. Owners of such hair should opt for structural hairstyles with tapering at the tip. Preferably, the average length of hair.

Hairdressers advise: regularly change your image. Appearance allows any woman to come up with dozens of successful combinations of hair color and shape of hair. When a new image is required to consider the shape of your face and hair texture. Therefore, your image will always be fresh, original and bright! Be of good cheer!